21 April 2008

5 Better Things

5. 'Skine Art. A great site where people upload images from their Moleskine journals, some of these scans blow me away.

4. Christopher Lee's illustrations are fun to a point that they make me giddy.

3. Huun Huur Tu. Tuvan throat singing at its best (and most bizarre?). I heard the one in the front left made a deal with the devil for that moustache. They have some albums for download (legally) here.

2.Gareth Neal's furniture. I want a desk from him.

1.Yo Gabba Gabba toys. If you haven't seen the frenetic surreal kids show that is 'Yo Gabba Gabba', follow the link.


Andrew said...

Great pointers. I love the 'skine art and the furniture. Great finds!

Jess said...

yo gabba gabba has toys!

that is fantastic.