28 October 2008

Six Months

Still coming along.

27 October 2008

Indie Band Names

Not sure if this list is supposed to be funny or not. Use all your postmodern deconstruction skills and draw your own conclusion. I'm pretty sure my sense of humor is recursive.

Sounds, Looks and Awesomeness

21 October 2008

It's True.

20 October 2008

Jazz Won't Save You Now

It's a dismal night: I'm studying for and exam and the Broncos don't even know what a point is; I'm hungry too. Picture is an old gouached drawing of my roommate's Gameboy Color.

17 October 2008

Stop Motion Street Art

The music really makes this film. Watch at around 5:00 when it turns from great to simply amazing. Done by Blu.

16 October 2008

More Good Things!

5. This picture.It's wonderful. Via.

4. Lou Dorfman's gastrotypographicalassemblage. Via.

3. City View, by Kumi Yamashita. Via.

2. The Volvox Typeface, by Andrea Tinnes Via.

1. The Garamond Powerlines font, by Daniel Adolph. Via.

15 October 2008

The Onion is Brilliant

So being a white person I naturally like Indie Music, Portland, Seattle, Old Photos, Road Trips and token minority friends (just kidding about that last one, Matt's functionally white). One other thing that almost all white people like is The Onion, which is really half of where we get our sense of humor (we get the rest from Monty Python and pie charts). This week The Onion ran an edition that was in the style of a 1783-era American newspaper; I don't think I'll ever see any written work of humor as clever. If you know where to find The Onion, go and pick up a copy right now, because I'm pretty sure that white humor as we know it peaked this week.

The title:

An ad on the back:

This post owes a lot to this one.

List of Demands

I'm especially serious about the siesta thing. I'm tired.

14 October 2008

I Got A Letter Today

And I very much liked its stationary.

13 October 2008

Crunchy Bramble

This poster still has a while to go, but I like how it looks so far.

10 October 2008

The Big Ugly

So roommate Jim and I are headed up into the mountains this weekend for manly things; There will be chopping of wood and listening to of football games.

Picture is not by me, I found it two years ago somewhere on the internet and I do not know who made it. The shame.

In other news, Chris Fizik remixed one of my old pie charts and it made me happy.

08 October 2008

Five Things That Are Just Plain Good

5. The world's oldest skyscrapers, in Shibam, Yemen.

4. These scans of an old book.

3. 99 Fears, a book by Nedko Solakov. The caption of this picture reads "A big fear, a medium-sized fear and a small fear decided to work together on a family of four." Perfect. Via.

2. Prints from Port 2 Port Press. They're delightful.

1. David Alexander Slaager's photography.

07 October 2008

Play the New Stuff Like it's Old School

Last night I fixed all of the dead images in the Tenenbaum archives, so now you can browse the old-school stuff like it's new! Seriously, there's some great stuff back there that I wish I hadn't done because I'll never outdo it.

05 October 2008

Limbo, That's Where

T-Shirt Design (A Reprise)

So a very long time ago I posted a t-shirt design; it's now in a more finalized state and is going to be used for Ryan Brasher's project, Eleanor. I cleaned up the image, added text and made the whole thing more printable. I may add color, depending on how much that costs to print.

03 October 2008

Rainbow Tree

I just wish it were real. Then I would sell it.

Blame It On the Tetons

Don't lose your fascination with what isn't there (at all).