03 December 2007


Much more to come from this guy. I have big plans for him.

02 December 2007

Flash Cards for Awesome Surgery, Among Other Things

So Ben, Taylor and I made a bunch of flash cards for Casey. She's a pre-med student.

13 November 2007

I Wish Them the Best

Say goodbye to the leaves and the trees, they shan't be back for a long time.

11 November 2007

This Graph May Someday Save Your Life

The gallon of whole milk is my favorite.

09 November 2007

Basquiat Smirked

So now one of my all-time favorite artists is Dave Kinsey. I've always liked his visual style and his gritty bold lines, but his latest stuff made my mind smile and my eyes bleed (well, something like that). His new works burst with objective social commentary and they very much make me jealous. The textures of his backgrounds are so rich they unify all of his pieces. And he now reminds me of my favorite artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with every stroke. A couple of Kinsey's latest:

08 November 2007

Silly Walks (Part One)

Pictorial, step-by-step guide to come.
Inspired by the Monty Python sketch.

Sometimes I Feel Like This.

Great picture by Corey Arnold.

07 November 2007

The Little Friends Of Printmaking...

I just found The Little Friends of Printmaking this morning via the superb blog of Josh Spear. The Little Friends of Printmaking are a husband-wife duo (a tag team if you will) who make mind-blowingly fun prints in all sorts of media and operate from the chilly city of Milwaukee. They do posters, t-shirts and buttons and all of their work makes me smile. Bands like Wolfmother, Death Cab for Cutie and Yo La Tengo have all used their services. I just can't get over how much I like their cartoony frenetic style.

05 November 2007

Take it Easy

You deserve it. Or something. I really love this by Christiane Hoegner, via I Can't Believe It:

29 October 2007


22 October 2007

Nostagic for the Summer Already

Taken with the camera that my Grandma Dita gave to me when I went to Michigan oh so long ago:

18 October 2007

Bands That Would Frighten Me, Were I to Encounter Said Band While Lost in the Wilderness

Grizzly Bear- Did you know that a half ton grizzly bear is capable of sprinting at over 48 km/h?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- They will probably kill and scalp me to make a trophy to display at their Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubhouse.

The Zombies
- Zombies are extremely frightening, and if they are in the wilderness, there is the distinct probability that they were once lumberjacks, and what is more frightening than a flannel-wearing undead woodsman?

Band of Bees- One time, when I was fifteen, I was stung by a bee and my foot swelled literally three times its normal size. Apparently I'm extremely allergic.

Wolf Parade- While this would be cool to see, (wolves marching in parade formation), they might be angry hungry wolves.

17 October 2007

Have I Ever Told You About Tycho?

Being on an 'I want to show people art that I like' kick, I very much want to let people know and see the work of Scott Hansen. He does his visual work under the name 'ISO50' (which I assume has something to do with photography). I love the colors he chooses and the worn organic quality of his prints. All of his recording work is done under his other moniker, 'Tycho'. His music definitely has the same atmosphere and texture as his posters and design.

16 October 2007

Bigger Than Out of the Gutter

I used to visit Wooster Collective every day, I don't know why I stopped. Regardless, I really love this huge wheatpaste that someone did in Atlanta. It would make a really great t-shirt.

15 October 2007

Stilts and Sheets

The real sketch is an inch square and took a minute to draw, but I really like it. Sketched in my Phych 1001 class:

Beside that, check out the T-Shirt I ordered from the Imaginary Foundation:

13 October 2007

02 October 2007

The Rockies Are Champions and So Am I

Ben and I rode the bus down to Denver for $15 dollar seats above the mile-high mark and we saw the best game in Rockies history. I followed the Rox like a true fan this season, I must have seen a hundred of their games and to be there for them to clinch the Wild Card was surreal. The crowd chanted 'MVP' at all of Holliday's at-bats and the Rockies pulled off the most dramatic win I think I will ever see.

29 September 2007

13 September 2007

21 August 2007

19 August 2007

New is the New Old

14 July 2007

It's been a while

This is a silkscreen print worked over with acrylic and India ink that I finished this morning. I like the texture a lot.

17 June 2007

New Zealand's Fourth Most Popular Folk-Parody Duo

After hearing a lot of buzz about HBO's Flight of the Conchords in the past few weeks, I watched it about a week ago. I have to say that I was not in the least disappointed. After quoting it endlessly with my mate Adam, I watched it a second time, and it was even funnier than before. Of course, I have only seen the pilot of the twelve part series, and time will tell, but this could possibly join the ranks of such excellent HBO comedies as Entourage, Extras, and Da Ali G Show. (Yes, I know that the last two were originally excellent BBC comedies, but for the sake of argument, disregard this).

The premise is two New Zealanders trying to make it in music in New York City, and features Rhys Darby as their hapless manager, Murray Hewitt (much like the brilliant Stephen Merchant as the similarly hapless Darren Lamb in Extras), Kristen Schaal as the obsessive number one fan Mel, and the members of the real life comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement as themselves. Also look for the short appearances of the similarly hilarious Judah Friedlander and Eugene Mirman. The tone feels in some ways like a mixture of the UK version of The Office, Rushmore, and Christopher Guest films, with a healthy mixture of Bret and Jemaine breaking into songs such as this one.

When taken in sum, it is an excellent pilot for a series that I will be sure to keep an eye on as it progresses. Also, I really liked the description of Jemaine Clement as "an ogre who works in a library" in the cast and crew section of the HBO website. Flight of the Conchords premiers tonight after Entourage on HBO, but you can watch the premiere episode for free (Update 10/6/08: Not!).

08 June 2007

Thought Pie

Everything can be expressed in a chart.

07 June 2007