18 October 2007

Bands That Would Frighten Me, Were I to Encounter Said Band While Lost in the Wilderness

Grizzly Bear- Did you know that a half ton grizzly bear is capable of sprinting at over 48 km/h?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- They will probably kill and scalp me to make a trophy to display at their Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubhouse.

The Zombies
- Zombies are extremely frightening, and if they are in the wilderness, there is the distinct probability that they were once lumberjacks, and what is more frightening than a flannel-wearing undead woodsman?

Band of Bees- One time, when I was fifteen, I was stung by a bee and my foot swelled literally three times its normal size. Apparently I'm extremely allergic.

Wolf Parade- While this would be cool to see, (wolves marching in parade formation), they might be angry hungry wolves.

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