25 December 2008

I Feel Like I'm Everywhere

I've just finished primary work on my website! It took a big chunk o' time but it's now here, and I'm even half-satisfied with it. I've only seen it in Firefox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 8, I shudder to think what my baby would look like in an old browser. Probably like the surface of Europa.

Anyway, besides being a platform for my Ponzi Schemes, it is a place you should check out.

24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Have a great Christmas, I hope all your wishes come true!
(Images from Breath Less.)

23 December 2008

I'm Working on a Website

15 December 2008

The Water

This is an image-centric themed post, can you guess what the theme is?

Some of these images from:
Narelle Autio
James Cooper
Amy Stein

(I should keep better track of where I find these things.)

14 December 2008

Also: Checking to See if Your Roommate is a Werewolf

Fixies on a Rampage

I found this video made by NYC messenger group Empire here, and it thoroughly blew my mind. Everyone should ride bikes, by the way.

11 December 2008


Fujiya & Miyagi

Some great videos from the band Fujiya & Miyagi:
'Sore Thumb'

'Ankle Injuries'

10 December 2008


It was my birthday today, and I had a pretty good day. There was much sushi, a cold pond, and my girlfriend Bethany gave me a great card.

09 December 2008

Foreign Posters for American Films

In my travels around the internet, I've found a bunch of old posters in other languages for American movies. Some of them are creepy, some are bizarre, but all of them are just fascinating to me. All of these posters are in polish, except for the first one.
Star Wars:

The Empire Strikes Back (strange how this poster doesn't have a trace of the signature 'Star Wars' logo):

Son of Godzilla (I like this one a lot):

Raiders of the Lost Ark (what's up with those arrows?):

Gandhi (I don't understand why his body has holes in it):

The Getaway:

Flipper (1965):

Being There (one of my Dad's favorite movies):

Alien (by far the spookiest poster I've ever seen):

06 December 2008

More Patterns and Patterns

My brain has been hooked on all things geometric lately, and as such I've been thinking in tessellations.

05 December 2008

I Chose Circles

04 December 2008


There are a couple things I've learned so far in my life, and I'm passing my wisdom on to you!

03 December 2008

Patterns and Patterns