23 May 2008

21 May 2008

Still Working On It

20 May 2008

Poster in Progress

This is a work in progress, hopefully I can find some way to print this as large as I can.

17 May 2008

Old Photos from the Family Box

I'm at home for the summer and I thought it would be a good idea to put up some of the old photos that have been sitting in the basement for as long as my parents have owned the house. Here are some of the ones I really liked:

13 May 2008


12 May 2008

5 Darn Good Things: Photography Edition

5. This picture of a wasp, by Kussyi.

4. Keysofvirtue's stuff. I love this picture of poppies.

3. These photos of an abandoned paper mill, by Jane McDevitt. I really like the machines in these pictures.

2. Tonatiuh Ambrosetti's nature photography.

1. The work of Maximilian Haidacher. I love the way he makes buildings feel personal through his own subtle methods of framing them.

05 May 2008

04 May 2008

Never Never

This started out as a doodle and made its way to be something too big for a sheet of notebook paper. Oh well.