29 October 2007


22 October 2007

Nostagic for the Summer Already

Taken with the camera that my Grandma Dita gave to me when I went to Michigan oh so long ago:

18 October 2007

Bands That Would Frighten Me, Were I to Encounter Said Band While Lost in the Wilderness

Grizzly Bear- Did you know that a half ton grizzly bear is capable of sprinting at over 48 km/h?

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- They will probably kill and scalp me to make a trophy to display at their Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubhouse.

The Zombies
- Zombies are extremely frightening, and if they are in the wilderness, there is the distinct probability that they were once lumberjacks, and what is more frightening than a flannel-wearing undead woodsman?

Band of Bees- One time, when I was fifteen, I was stung by a bee and my foot swelled literally three times its normal size. Apparently I'm extremely allergic.

Wolf Parade- While this would be cool to see, (wolves marching in parade formation), they might be angry hungry wolves.

17 October 2007

Have I Ever Told You About Tycho?

Being on an 'I want to show people art that I like' kick, I very much want to let people know and see the work of Scott Hansen. He does his visual work under the name 'ISO50' (which I assume has something to do with photography). I love the colors he chooses and the worn organic quality of his prints. All of his recording work is done under his other moniker, 'Tycho'. His music definitely has the same atmosphere and texture as his posters and design.

16 October 2007

Bigger Than Out of the Gutter

I used to visit Wooster Collective every day, I don't know why I stopped. Regardless, I really love this huge wheatpaste that someone did in Atlanta. It would make a really great t-shirt.

15 October 2007

Stilts and Sheets

The real sketch is an inch square and took a minute to draw, but I really like it. Sketched in my Phych 1001 class:

Beside that, check out the T-Shirt I ordered from the Imaginary Foundation:

13 October 2007

02 October 2007

The Rockies Are Champions and So Am I

Ben and I rode the bus down to Denver for $15 dollar seats above the mile-high mark and we saw the best game in Rockies history. I followed the Rox like a true fan this season, I must have seen a hundred of their games and to be there for them to clinch the Wild Card was surreal. The crowd chanted 'MVP' at all of Holliday's at-bats and the Rockies pulled off the most dramatic win I think I will ever see.