28 September 2008

Sigur Ros

I just got back from the Sigur Ros concert at Red Rocks. It was absolutely the best live music I have ever heard; they completely post-rocked my socks off! Thank you Iceland: you are smaller than Denver, yet produce much greater music! Gobbledigook and Hoppipolla were amazing live.

26 September 2008

Five Things I want to Share With You

5. Nathan Coley's light-billboard installations.

4. Kelly Dyson's illustrations.

3. Gravity's Rainbow, a print by Dan Funderburgh.

2. Michael Wolf's photography of Hong Kong.

1. This pixel-art coaster. I want two.

24 September 2008

New Brushes

I raided the internet today for some new photoshop brushes; I went a little overboard, I think.

22 September 2008

It's All Coming Back to You

Not sure what this is, I made a humongo version as well. I want to print it and use it as a poster.

10 September 2008

Music Is Terrific!

Eleanor is a band that we here at "Tenenbaum" hold a special place in our hearts for. It all started when the inestimable Ryan Brasher, who had played with Jack's brother in a band for a long while, mentioned that he was playing and writing music again. Jack and Ryan started hanging out a lot more, listening to records and talking about music, and when Ryan finished production on his debut EP, they put together a plan to release it themselves. This worked out perfectly with Jack's lifelong dream of owning his own record label, and thus was Young Thousands Records born. Jack works with the band on all financial and logistical things and Ian, though he did not do the cover to the left, will be doing a lot of artwork with them in the future, including hopefully shirts, posters, stickers, and album artwork. So download their debut EP, "Find Someone Who Believes You" right here on FileDropper. And check the Myspace page for gigs around the 303 (Denver/Boulder for the uninformed).