23 April 2008

22 April 2008

Forgot the Notes

I got a little carried away with this, I think.

21 April 2008

5 Better Things

5. 'Skine Art. A great site where people upload images from their Moleskine journals, some of these scans blow me away.

4. Christopher Lee's illustrations are fun to a point that they make me giddy.

3. Huun Huur Tu. Tuvan throat singing at its best (and most bizarre?). I heard the one in the front left made a deal with the devil for that moustache. They have some albums for download (legally) here.

2.Gareth Neal's furniture. I want a desk from him.

1.Yo Gabba Gabba toys. If you haven't seen the frenetic surreal kids show that is 'Yo Gabba Gabba', follow the link.

18 April 2008

Vampire Geriatric

Taken from the ol' moleskine and colored in photoshop.

17 April 2008

Matt: The Best Rodriguez

These pictures are all of Matt, who is truly an epic individual:

16 April 2008

Cheer Up Ben, Things Will Be Better Soon!

This post is dedicated to my friend Ben, who for some reason looked depressed in every picture from the road trip.

15 April 2008

Two Pictures

I'm kinda busy tonight (and for the rest of the week, so expect pictures!), but I'm still going to drop some images from my life.
Friend Brady in the parking lot before the Rockies game (last Sunday):

The Top Pot (it's an anagram) doughnut store in Seattle (three weeks ago):

I just got some of my road trip photos developed, so those will likely filter in until school calms down (Diff Eq exam tomorrow).

14 April 2008

5 More Good Things

5. Ikea decorated a public train in Kobe, Japan. I want one.

4. Get Lost, by Douglas Wilson. I love the print and the idea.

3. Hairy Futura. I have seen many fonts, but none have made me smile like this.

2. The fashion of Henrik Vibskov: it is ridiculous and unsettling at the same time. Expect me to rip him off in the near future.

1. "Copia", a series by Brian Ulrich. His non-judgmental visual exploration of American consumer culture is profound.

13 April 2008

He Doesn't Look Too Happy

But he is a robot!

There Was a Tree, Once

And from it came, buildings? (I'm very happy about how this one turned out.)

10 April 2008

I Own Three Watches, Two of Them Work

Drawing-3 watches, originally uploaded by Jackson X.

I drew this a while ago, and finally got around to scanning it and uploading it. On the left, a Swatch my sister bought me in Switzerland. In the middle, a Fossil I bought sometime in 2003. On the right, a sweet Casio calculator watch that is one of the nerdiest things I own (second only to a Mathcounts State Champion Trophy).

America's Best Non Hip-Hop Lyricist

As an assignment to write a few blog posts for one of my classes, I will get to some long-overdue praise for one of my two favorite songwriters. John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats writes beautiful poetry, and copious amounts of it, too. (Darnielle has reportedly recorded over 400 songs) I will present one song here, with the neat little video directed by Rian Johnson (Yes, THAT Rian Johnson, director of this little gem from 2005)

As for the aforementioned title, it comes from this article from the New Yorker.
Here are the lyrics for this song. In summation, this is the perfect breakup song, and just a perfect storytelling song in general.

The Sheds

The Sheds are a great band (or were, I think they're on hiatus right now). All of their albums are free on their website and boast unique folksy-country-indie songs inspired by their friends. You should definitely check them out.

08 April 2008

The Rough Draft

So I've been working on a Threadless T-Shirt submission and this is what I have so far (its pretty much an old piece on a template):

I still have a while to go but I like how it looks so far!

07 April 2008

5 Good Things

5. Design By Humans: They have some very cool shirts for not-too-expensive. One of my favorites:

4. Honibe: They invented solid honey drops. Just plain fun:

3. Garfield Minus Garfield: What happens when you take Garfield out of his own comic? A strip about modern paranoia and alienation. Or just ridiculousness. I think Marcel Duchamp would be proud:

2. Acorn: I dig it:

1. David Yocum and Brian Bell: Their architecture firm set up in what used to be an abandoned auto-repair shop. What followed will blow your mind:

06 April 2008

05 April 2008

Just Stand There

04 April 2008

Colorado is for Everyone

In a bout of happiness because the weather was so gorgeous today I paid tribute to my home, Colorado:

02 April 2008

Andy Kehoe

So I recently have gotten into Andy Kehoe's work. It's great stuff, I love the texture he uses in his pieces:

01 April 2008