09 December 2008

Foreign Posters for American Films

In my travels around the internet, I've found a bunch of old posters in other languages for American movies. Some of them are creepy, some are bizarre, but all of them are just fascinating to me. All of these posters are in polish, except for the first one.
Star Wars:

The Empire Strikes Back (strange how this poster doesn't have a trace of the signature 'Star Wars' logo):

Son of Godzilla (I like this one a lot):

Raiders of the Lost Ark (what's up with those arrows?):

Gandhi (I don't understand why his body has holes in it):

The Getaway:

Flipper (1965):

Being There (one of my Dad's favorite movies):

Alien (by far the spookiest poster I've ever seen):

1 comment:

dot said...

Some of these posters are Polish, as a Polish movie lover I can tell that sometimes even the translation of the movie titles are very confusing and not always the best...
well now it just brings a smile on my face... :)