08 June 2007

Thought Pie

Everything can be expressed in a chart.


Lisa M. Dalton said...

Funny. I like the "I think I could jump that" piece the best.

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, so funny. this messy, sketched style looks a lot like josh stein -- you can see his illustrations if you scroll around on www.gawker.com if you're interested -- you might like his stuff!

Christopher de Beer said...

very very very cool pie chart man.... idea and execution...and all :)

oh and thanks Joanna for the link, will check it out :)

from chris

judithe & francine said...

dear ian,

ummm, we quite like your blog. we also quite like your pie chart and your daily thoughts. as well as the tenenbaums. sometimes we dress in uniforms to honor wes anderson.

we liked it so much we posted it on our own compilation and personal nonsense manifesto via www.thefrancesandjudyshow.blogspot.com.

holler if you hear us.