15 October 2008

The Onion is Brilliant

So being a white person I naturally like Indie Music, Portland, Seattle, Old Photos, Road Trips and token minority friends (just kidding about that last one, Matt's functionally white). One other thing that almost all white people like is The Onion, which is really half of where we get our sense of humor (we get the rest from Monty Python and pie charts). This week The Onion ran an edition that was in the style of a 1783-era American newspaper; I don't think I'll ever see any written work of humor as clever. If you know where to find The Onion, go and pick up a copy right now, because I'm pretty sure that white humor as we know it peaked this week.

The title:

An ad on the back:

This post owes a lot to this one.

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espionage said...

I love your blog. It's brilliant and makes me smile.