21 March 2007

Girls Doing Embroidery

First of all, I gotta give a shoutout to Olga, who was the coolest internship manager person/boss I've ever had. She got me into a Tapes 'N Tapes show at Other Music, and also threw some good parties in Brooklyn that were well worth taking the train for 30 minutes to get to. And I can't rave enough about The Gramaphone Family, her idea for an artist commune/record label/house that is actually happening. Second of all, I've been using Hypem for a while now to find new music, and I highly recommend it. So imagine my surprise when I went to Hypem today to find some songs by The Besnard Lakes and I found new songs added by Girls Doing Embroidery, which despite the plural name is just Olga, on the front page. It seems that the fellow who runs The Torture Garden, an mp3 blog, has discovered Sunset Park's best-kept secret. This made me extremely happy, and I felt like writing a post about it. And if you are reading this, Olga, congratulations on your first review. Her music is downloadable from Myspace, and it may not be your cup of tea, but I enjoy it. Of particular interest to some would be the excellent cover of an unreleased Jeff Mangum song "Little Birds" featuring the equally talented and cool Johnny Lamb.

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olgaloo said...

jack! mudd! woa! thanks!

you are missed, my friend.